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  • 06 Octubre 2016

    Social Media Won´t Transform Corporate Recruiting Unless it Grows Up

    In a blog post earlier this year, Chris Dixon stated that “predicting the future of the Internet is easy: anything it hasn’t yet dramatically transformed, it will.” Companies continue to rank recruiting talent as a high priority, but their methods have hardly evolved. At least not yet. Sure, the internet has fostered some change. Candidates submit applications online, retained search firms update their databases with tidbits from email exchanges, and non-local candidates interview using Skype. But the process remains tied to a transactional tradition, relying heavily on a few brief interactions to judge a candidate’s skills, background, and fit with company culture.
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  • 20 Enero 2016

    Job Seeker In Total Denial (Don't Be This Guy)

    I met yet another job seeker in total denial this week. In spite of knowing he's going to get laid-off by a large, high-profile employer who is unhappy with his performance, he can't let go of some past career setbacks and is longing for the 'good ole days' when he was making huge money for being the guy everyone loved. An inventory of his current marketable skills, an assessment of his fragmented networking approach, and a review of his long list of demands in an employer, quickly made it clear he's not going to find what he is looking for.
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  • 30 Octubre 2015

    Construye tu marca personal digital en 20 pasos

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