A Blueprint for Executive Hirin

Fuente: A Blueprint for Executive Hirin

Jeff Markowitz, Partner at Greylock 6/03/2016

In my career recruiting senior-level executives, I’ve seen how impactful and transformative hiring a great leader can be for a company. Identifying the right person, understanding their motivations, and putting together a plan to recruit them, is often a long and delicate process. Finding a qualified leader that will be a good culture fit and work well with your Board and management team will require you to be disciplined, thoughtful, and organized about recruiting from the moment you start thinking about filling the role until your final offer.

Greylock recently hosted a private offsite event for tech entrepreneurs. At that offsite, I gave this talk on five stages of executive recruiting, from my point of view. In this presentation, you will see that I outline the process of vetting prospective candidates, as well as how to think about referencing, compensation, and how and when to make your offer. I’ve decided to share an extended version of my presentation. There is no doubt that it is difficult to capture such an intricate process in a handful of slides, and there was a lot of dialogue to go along with the slides, but I am hoping they could be a useful resource as you think about building your executive leadership team